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About Eigenspace Consulting

Eigenspace is a full-service civil engineering consultancy focusing on municipal and land development projects in the Greater Edmonton area. Our highly motivated and experienced team is committed to maintaining professional and attentive relationships with our clients, focusing on providing value-added services and cost-effective solutions that ensure continued project successes. The core members of the Eigenspace team have a combined 129 years of engineering experience on a wide variety of civil infrastructure projects, primarily specializing in residential, commercial, and industrial greenfield, brownfield, and infill development projects. Eigenspace prides itself on aggressively adapting to changing market conditions and we embrace the adoption of new processes and workflows. We are fully capable of developing custom tailored solutions for our clients.   

Meet the Leadership

Senior Managing Director
Obaid Rizvi, M.Sc., PEng.

Obaid Rizvi is a Professional Civil Engineer who has more than 25 years of experience in planning, design, contract administration and construction of land development and infrastructure projects. He is known for his problem-solving skills and provides sound solutions to clients for their development needs. Obaid's knowledge of municipal approval processes, funding mechanisms and delivering projects on time and within budget is exceptional. He provides variety of services from concept planning to construction completion for numerous projects involving water, wastewater, land drainage, roadways, and culvert/bridge crossings. Obaid enjoys working in collaborative environments and inspires his team to continue delivering successful projects

Engineering Program Manager
Joshua Schmaltz, MEng., PEng., PMP, ENV SP

Joshua Schmaltz is a Professional Civil Engineer with over 11 years of municipal engineering and project management experience. Joshua has experience in public engagement, financial management, detailed design, and project delivery. His past projects have covered a wide range of municipal and community development projects, including greenfield land development, neighbourhood rehabilitation, arterial roadways, and buildings. Joshua actively focuses on delivering sustainable project outcomes that satisfy scope, budget, schedule, and quality control requirements.

Engineering Program Manager
Hooman Vafakhah, Msc., PEng.

Hooman Vafakhah is a Professional Civil Engineer with over 11 years of municipal engineering and project management experience. Hooman also has experience in financial management, detailed design, and project delivery in land development. His past projects have covered a wide range of municipal and community development projects, including greenfield land development, industrial sites, and arterial roadways. Hooman ensures successful project outcomes by maintaining positive relationships with his clients and team members.

Meet the Key Members

Senior Landscape Architect
Brian Charanduk B.L.A., AALA, CSLA

Brian Charanduk is a Landscape Architect with nearly 40 years of experience in parks, open spaces, and streetscape design. His multi-disciplinary approach identifies opportunities to incorporate new visual, educational, or recreational opportunities on all types of municipal and land development projects. Brian’s extensive experience enables him to consistently deliver sustainable landscape architecture solutions that enhance both the natural and built environment.  

Senior Environmental Scientist
Kashif M. Sheikh PhD., P.Biol., PWS

Kashif Sheikh is a registered Professional Biologist and a certified environmental professional with 23 years of professional environmental and ecological management. He has extensively dealt with environmental regulatory requirements in land and urban planning, transportation corridors, right of way planning, and specialized case studies in infrastructural sustainability. Kashif has been consulting in Western Canada since 2006 and maintains unique experience in dealing with both the terrestrial and aquatic components of the environmental realm.

Senior Professional Technologist
Anna Alicia Lee, P.Tech.(Eng.)

Anna A. Lee is a Professional Civil Technologist with more than 19 years of experience in detailed design, construction, and project commissioning. Anna has extensive experience in greenfield and infill community development projects, and she has navigated numerous complex projects through the commissioning and closeout processes. Anna focuses her attention on the full project lifecycle, ensuring a high quality of work from project start to finish.

Senior Field Coordinator
Corlyn Gagne

Corlyn is a construction management professional with over 19 years of experience in Edmonton’s construction industry, including extensive background in construction survey, project coordination, site inspections, drawing review, and project closeout. She has worked on a wide range of projects spanning greenfield land development, private site development, arterial roadways, stormwater management facilities, district parks, and shared-use path networks. Corlyn excels at creating strong and lasting working relationships with all project stakeholders, ensuring that project efficiencies are identified and utilized. Corlyn is also cognizant of important project budget, scope, and schedule concerns, and she aligns her decision-making process to maximize the entire project team’s productivity through the short Edmonton construction season.

Greg_Eigenspace Picture_B&W_edited_edited.jpg
Project Engineer
Greg Kosakewich, E.I.T.

Greg Kosakewich is a Civil Engineer-in-Training with over 5 years of land development engineering experience. Greg has experience in project coordination, detailed design, and field engineering. His project experience includes greenfield developments, redevelopments, and arterial roadways. Greg puts a strong emphasis on feasibility and constructability, in order to ensure optimal project outcomes.

Project Manager
Maae Czan

Maae Czan has a Civil Engineering background with 5 years of project management experience. A dedicated, collaborative and results-driven professional, she is experienced in greenfield land development engineering including design, contract administration, and construction. With her experience in Low Impact Development, community engagement and Biology, Maae is well-positioned to deliver innovative and cost-effective projects that benefit clients, communities, and the environment

Senior Design Technologist
Autumn Powell

With 13 years working as a landscape architectural technologist, Autumn brings a wealth of industry experience from her roles in both consulting and the public sector. She has developed a unique range of expertise and experience including creating construction drawings, administration, construction coordination, as well as the delivery of capital and operational projects which required scopes of work, tendering, contractor/consultant oversight, and public engagement. From parks to stormwater management facilities to trails and playgrounds, throughout her career Autumn’s worked on a variety of projects each with unique needs and community interests. She most enjoys collaboration and getting into the details.

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